Affordable Contractor Services,LLC

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Stationary Engineer Services

DC 3rd Class License

MD 1st Class License

HVAC Universal Certification

OSHA Certified

Fully Licensed, Insured & Bonded

ASME Member

ACS will provide a licensed engineer to consult and monitor your mechanical plant(s) daily operating conditions in the absence of an onsite engineer on a short or long term basis. ACS has over 20 years of mechanical plant operating experience. We will provide customized log sheets to record operating data as required by  DC and MD  regulations. We will record and notify management of any adverse conditions while monitoring plant operating conditions. ACS engineer will visually inspect, monitor and log all operating equipment data daily at a cost of $125.00 a day. The rate for additional man hours is $85.00 an hour. We can also provide short and long term contracts as needed.

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