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What our customers are saying

ACS is a very reliable and capable company who handles every job with precision. When ever there is a problem the first person I would call is Jack Carter, because I know the problem will get taking care with excellent quality, time and service.

Walter R. Hawkins - Aug  2017

Walter R. Hawkins

What our customers are saying

Jack has personally performed work at my house with superb results..

Cornelia Burkhalter

Government Information Specialist at U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

What our customers are saying

Jack Carter is the ultimate professional. He has done multiple jobs for me over the years. All jobs whether as small as putting in a new toilet or garbage disposal to the large jobs like replacing my HVAC system and remodeling my master bath were done quickly, professionally and stayed within my budget. No surprises when it came to cost. You couldn't ask for better. I know he is always the first Person to call and see if he is available. Everyone else is second best.

Renee M Hampton on - Aug  2017

Renee M Hampton